Pemi Valley Outreach

Cindy Robinson, Pemi Outreach Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 603-412-7050

Outreach is available through phone, in person, or even by meeting in a group setting.
Phone calls made after hours will be checked the next business day.

Monday - Wednesday

11:00am – 02:00pm




11:00am – 02:00pm

Saturday - Sunday


Piecing together Recovery

What is Pemi Valley Outreach and why is it so important?

Peer support consists of supportive interactions based on shared experiences among people and are intended to assist people to understand their potential to achieve their personal goals. Peer Support programs aim to enhance self-esteem and self-efficacy and coping and problem-solving skills. As a paid peer, we are trained to provide the essential ways to build a trusted relationship. However, we also want to let people know that we are human too and we are not experts. The only expert that we are is to our own selves. We can gladly share our own experiences on what has worked for us, but this does not always mean that it is the right fit for everyone.

Why outreach and not a center?

Either it being through outreach or through a center, peer support can still be done but just in a unique fashion. With outreach, this gives the opportunity to meet one-on-one, in a group setting with others, or even just a telephone support. Outreach also provides the support if you need an extra cheerleader while trying to find your voice in an appointment, we will be behind you to support you through whatever it may be.

Where does Pemi Valley Outreach serve?

Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Campton, Dorchester, Holderness, Newfound, Plymouth, Thornton, Rumney, Warren, and other areas in the lower Grafton County.