Lakes Region Consumer Advisory Board services three counties within the State of New Hampshire; Belknap, Lower Grafton, and Merrimack county. 
Each of the counties that we serve, we provide some form of services such that being an outreach program within the Plymouth Valley region, in-service program in the Laconia area as well as in the Concord area. 

Welcome to Lakes Region Consumer Advisory Board

We practice a particular kind of peer support which is a "system of giving and receiving help which is founded on the key principles of respect, shared responsibility and mutual agreement of what is helpful". This is called Intentional Peer Support (IPS). The intention is to use the peer support relationship to clarify, focus on, and move toward our own personal life, recovery, and wellness goals. Through the practice of IPS, and our program of support groups and activities, we gain greater confidence in our ability to handle uncomfortable feelings and personal emotional crisis, avoid frequent hospitalization and lessen the need for other medical or clinical interventions. Our programs are grounded in the principle of personal responsibility, mutuality, reciprocity, respecting others' thoughts and beliefs as valid and important, growth beyond stigma, shame and limits which is placed upon us, and creating and maintain a strong, active voice and presence dedicated to social change. We believe that by developing better relationships people feel valued, become empowered and thereby move toward recovery. OUR PROGRAM IS FREE! (NH Residents only)


Box 304 (mailing), Laconia, NH, 03247-0304, US